The Survey

The survey is now complete and we received 112 responses. THANK YOU to our respondents.  Thanks to Rowena Viney, Loughborough University, for doing the data analysis and preparing a report for us.

Findings (others findings will be added to posts on the home page over time)

The survey was aimed at British people living in Malaysia or Thailand at least partly for quality of life reasons. 85% of respondents live in Malaysia or Thailand all year round. Most of our respondents were either retired or in full-time work, but a surprising number (almost 19%) were self-employed.


They are doing a good job of keeping in touch with people at home: Skype and email are the most common means of communicating with friends and family living elsewhere.

Friends are very important in their lives.  Respondents were asked to list the five people that they spent the most time with, and what nationality they were. More than half of the total people that they listed were classed as friends. Next most common was spending time with partners and spouses, followed by colleagues. Other people listed were: children, neighbours and acquaintances, domestic staff, and other family members (in descending order of how frequently listed).

British in Malaysia seem to have diverse sets of friends. The people that the respondents spent most time with consisted of 40 different nationalities, covering all continents. Of those people classed as friends, most were British, followed by Thais, Malaysians, and Australians. Colleagues were most frequently listed as Thai, Malaysian, and British. Furthermore, most respondents are more likely to be visited in Malaysia or Thailand by friends from home than by family.

On a daily basis, respondents reported mostly speaking to Thai and British people, followed by Malaysian, Chinese and Other Western people. Very few reported that they never spoke to British people or Other Western people:

As reported elsewhere, for these migrants quality of life is not just about possessions. Luxury goods are very low down on the list of priorities for quality of life.

And they seem to enjoy their new lives: 58% have at some time encouraged other people to move to Malaysia or Thailand.



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