Your photos

If you are a lifestyle migrant in Thailand or Malaysia (or even anywhere else in East Asia), we would love you to send us a photograph or video that tells us what living there means to you.

Simply email it to us, or tell us about it here with a link, or put it on you tube and ask us to link to it.

Sarah, in Malaysia, has sent us a few photos. Some are about food:

Always interested to try the local food

Sarah enjoys trying the local dishesYou can get all sorts of different food here - this is Nigerian; the one on the right is Nigerian!


Others are about the fascinating cultural life in Malaysia

My family comes to visit a lot - these are my parents in Melaka

Even Christmas is a big deal in Malaysia!I love all the different festivals, especially Chinese New Year





Musings on Penang is a great blog, with fantastic photos. Click here to see it: Musings on Penang

I took the liberty of pasting below some photos from the blog:  Tropical Expat They draw attention to how multicultural Penang is.

Sally Addington, Chairwoman of the Association of British Women in Malaysia sent us this photo, which she says illustrates one of the advantages of a community-spirited expat life: you get to meet exciting visitors.

Livvie Cunningham spent a while thinking what photo might sum up life for her in KL. In the end she chose this one because, she says: ‘Seeing a Waitrose product made me think suddenly about how you feel when you move across the world: amused/frustrated so often by things that seem familiar but turn out to be quite different; oddly comforted to see a slice of “home” yet a bit guilty about that.  Is it ok to want to feel connected to things from the UK, when we moved out here to live a new, different life?  Which place should I refer to as “home” now?  If I bought that product, would I be “cheating” at life out here…?’ Thanks Livvie!


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