Key Readings

You will find here the details of some books and articles we think are especially relevant for this project.

Lifestyle Migration, edited by Michaela Benson and Karen O’Reilly.

‘This is an important book for scholars of contemporary personal growth, tourism, mobility and globalization. The editors develop the useful concept of lifestyle migration, which is illustrated by excellent ethnographic chapters about newly chosen lives in such places as Varanasi, Florence, rural Michigan, and the Mediterranean.‘ Nelson Graburn, University of California, USA and London Metropolitan University, UK.

Structuration Theory by Rob Stones

This important text argues for a ‘strong’ notion of structuration theory in contrast to the seminal but more abstract and relatively under-developed project represented by Anthony Giddens’s writings. Emphasis on the duality of structure is placed at the centre of the tradition. It is argued that the distinctive power of structuration theory lies in its potential to critically investigate a specific range of in situ questions. Structuration Theory produces a synthesis that draws on Giddens’s work, on other versions of the structuration problematic, and on key empirical uses of the approach. The final chapters make use of extended case examples to illustrate the critical power of strong structuration.

International Migration and Social Theory by Karen O’Reilly

International Migration and Social Theory provides a clear map of this field, and shows how social theory can illuminate our understanding of the way we move around the globe. Explaining and critiquing a wide range of theories, approaches and concepts, the text provides a new theoretical framework for future study and applies it to extended empirical case studies. The book explores core migration topics, from labour and lifestyle migration to refugees and the role of women, to shed light on the implications of migration at global, national and personal levels.


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