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How do property developers shape the experience of living abroad?

Swimming Pool at my condo - I love to swimOne of the things we have been thinking about, as the project team, is the role of property developers in creating an identity of a place, shaping how it is imagined to be, and what sort of life one should expect to have there.

IMAG0140Several of our respondents have sent us photos of their entrance hallway (like this one from Livvie), their swimming pool (the one above is from Sarah), or the view from their balcony. One person sent a link to a promotional video, saying ‘this is why I want to move to Penang’.

Do developers know what people want or do they shape people’s desires?


The survey has ended. Thank You for your responses!

The survey is now complete and we received 112 responses.


 We will start analysing the data soon. However, here are some prelimary results:

The survey was aimed at British people living in Malaysia or Thailand at least partly for quality of life reasons.

85% of respondents live in Malaysia or Thailand all year round.

Most are more likely to be visited by friends than by family.

Skype and email are the most common means of communicating with friends and family living elsewhere.

Luxury goods are very low down on the list of priorities for quality of life.

58% have at some time encouraged other people to move to Malaysia or Thailand.