Lifestyle migration, home, and material things

Many people I have spoken to, about living in Malaysia and about living in Spain (in my other projects), have emphasised how the quality of life they seek has very little to do with material possessions. As David Bowden put it:

“One of the problem of being overseas is (for me at least) you never know how long you will be here.  I never know where home is so that’s why I don’t accumulate stuff – my stuff tends to be mementos of trips – so often small things – a textile obtained in the Borneo jungles, a bamboo fish trap from Cambodia etc”.

It is also fascinating what people do accumulate that helps make a place feel like home. I have noticed in Asian homes, the goods are often Asian influenced, whereas in Spain many people tried to recreate a little bit of England, even scattering their tiled floors with rugs and dotting candles around to make a cosy atmosphere!



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