Expat Ladies in Bangkok

During my stay in Bangkok I met with the publisher of a recent arrival to the expat magazine rack in Thailand. Expat Ladies in Bangkok has just published its fifth issue (online and in print) and the magazine is becoming increasingly popular with expat women in Thailand. It was suggested to me during my research that a typical expat woman nowadays is ‘younger, university educated, professional and very much into social media’. As such the content of the magazine ranges from educational and health features about international schooling or local hospitals to fitness, beauty and travel columns. Despite the Bangkok focus it is distributed to all the main expat outposts in Thailand: Hua Hin, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. The magazine is written in English but its contributors originate from far and wide, brought together by their residency in Thailand and an ‘internationalist’ perspective.

Have a look at the latest issue here which includes a special feature on on Thailand’s Buddhist nuns fighting for gender equality as well as other features on weekending in Hua Hin, motorbiking in Phuket and motherhood in Bangkok.


3 responses to “Expat Ladies in Bangkok

  1. These expat magazines have got so glossy and professional! Have a look at The Expat. http://www.theexpatgroup.com/the-expat-magazine.php

  2. Looks like a good one – maybe we could do some content analysis on a selection of Thai/Malaysia expat magazines to explore what the key interests are/who is advertising in it/what locations are featured etc..

  3. Saw the last issue of Expat Ladies and was pretty impressed, about time there was something interesting. When will the next issue be out? Is there a way to see it online?

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