Why I love living in SE Asia

Linda has just come back from a trip to Taiwan with her line dancing group. She says: “We enjoyed Taiwan very much, although it was rather exhausting! We danced for four days solid and the organisers took us on a tour of Taipei one evening, including the 101 Building. There was a great mix of nationalities,  including 20 from Japan, 30 from Hong Kong, although only my friend and myself were from Penang but there were another 20 from other parts of Malaysia.
I am attaching some photos taken in Taiwan, of the farewell dance and of the instructors, the majority of which were from UK.
This is one reason I love living in SE Asia, there are so many things to do and travel from Malaysia to any other countries in the region is very easy. The other reason we love Malaysia is the people, they are so friendly and welcoming also the food is great and cheap, as is the cost of living. This means that we can spend our retirement doing things that we could not afford to do if we were retired in the UK. There is only one downside and that is driving on the Malaysian roads. You just have to expect the vehicle in front of you to something stupid and be prepared for it! In general our quality of life here is much better than the life we would have in Britain”.

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