Random images from Penang


Line dancing at Gurney Plaza, 7.30am.

This mixed nationality group meets every day to practice line dancing, before the sun comes up. If you look closely you will spot one British woman in there dancing with the locals. This group travels throughout Asia with their sport.







An impromptu temple for the hungry ghosts

It is the season of the hungry ghost and this temple was set up in the street under canvas. It had an altar where joss sticks could be lit, and paper money burnt and food offerings made for the ghosts.  There was also an impromptu opera! We missed the event unfortunately, but it’s been impossible to miss the little bonfires that keep cropping up in the street, and the food offerings left dotted about outside people’s houses.





Lovely lifestyle migrants

This is Becky and Tami, who kindly told me about their lives in Penang and let me take their photos too! We are in Becky’s house, which has some fascinating Japanese influences from her life there.



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