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Penang Food

It seems above all else Penang is about food! There must be a hawker stall or restaurant for every ten people. We’ve eaten most of our way through the top ten, and I definitely like the Char Koay Teoh best (though I probably spelled that wrong). 


Malaysian Fieldwork

I am now in Penang, Malaysia. This is a photo from my balcony. I am finding everyone extremely helpful and there is a lot of enthusiasm for the research! Penang is an amazing place. The mix of cultures, the different foods, the explosion of smells and sounds, the amazing hawker stalls, the humble dwellings and plush condominiums, the heat and the downpours. The first stages of fieldwork are a time of simply taking it all in.

Seth Wilkinson – Lifestyle Migrant?

 From Expatriate Lifestyle, Malaysia’s expat magazine:

‘Seth Wilkinson, a pro jet ski racer who currently holds the 2011 World Jet Race Endurance title from Terengganu bought a one way ticket to Malaysia and is ready to make his mark in the world’

See the article here Seth Wilkinson.

Is Seth a Lifestyle Migrant in Asia? We think he probably is.


Frances Wilks takes a look at the ways GeorgeTown has changed in the four years since UNESCO made it a World Heritage Site.

Snapshots of George Town –


I just completed a lovely Skype interview and wanted to say a big

Thank You!

Interviewing can be very enjoyable.

A Gourmet Lifestyle in Penang

How’s this for a new way to think about lifestyle? Gourmet Secrets

“Inspired by Food, this new lifestyle website emphasises on living your best life right now. It is a compelling companion for all who wants to live large, live well and live stylishly. While focused on Malaysia and Penang in particular, because of FoodFriends’ international membership, the site is also accessed in over 26 countries. Top country is of course Malaysia”.


Why move to Malaysia?

Here is the answer one person gave us to that question…