Introducing the Project

plane logoHello and Welcome…

This is the Lifestyle Migration in East Asia blog, a space for communication, comment, participation and general browsing for those interested in research on migration and mobility. The blog is based on a research project about the motivations, experiences and outcomes of lifestyle migration in  Malaysia, Thailand and China. Read more here.

The blog is for..

a) the project team to communicate, upload and keep in touch

b) lifestyle migrants in Malaysia, Thailand or China who would like to participate to get in touch and follow the project online

c) other interested parties…academics, policy people and publics…to see the development of the project over the next 12 months


2 responses to “Introducing the Project

  1. Hi Kate,

    You posted on the chicky net Thailand, looking for people ladies, who have moved to Thailand. I would like to respond. You can reach me on local Thai number 087471-0298

    • Hi Sandie,

      Thanks for your comment, I will be getting a Thai mobile when I arrive in Hua Hin on August 5th so will give you a call then. Thanks for your interest in the project, I look forward to chatting to you!


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